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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the advantages of taking having a boiler service with Gas 24?

A. Ultimately, an annual boiler service or heating service offer the customer complete piece of mind throughout the year. It ensures the optimum safety and efficiency of your gas boiler and central heating system for a cost-effective one-off payment.

Annual boiler and heating system service at Gas 24

Boiler Servicing
Comprehensive boiler services by Gas 24 Ltd

Gas24 provides a maintenance boiler service, or for your entire central heating system for a very competitve one-off fee. Please call us for our latest rates.

Annual Boiler Servicing saves fuel, saves money and provides the piece of mind that your heating system won't fail when you need it most!

A very important energy saving measure which will also save you money, is to have your gas boiler serviced regularly, at least once a year. Not only does this safe guard you from unwanted costly breakdowns and high fuel bills from inefficiency, it helps ensure you and your family stay safe by preventing the chance of any dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide (CO).

Just as a vehicle requires regular servicing and MOT checks to remain reliable and safe, so does your boiler. It is exactly the same principle. A documented, well maintained and serviced heating system or boiler could help maintain, or even increase the re-sale value of your property!

The Gas24 boiler service includes the following:

  • Isolating the gas and electrical supply to the appliance

  • Dismantling the appliance to be able to properly view, inspect and clean the internal components and combustion area.

We check condition and operation of:

  • Main burner

  • Pilot burner

  • Heat exchanger surface

  • Fan, cleaning any residue or dust from it's surface

We also check and inspect:

  • All safety devices

  • All water, electrical and gas connections

  • Flues and air intake ducts and flue terminal

  • The working gas pressure

  • Check and confirm ventilation and their requirements

  • Carry out a flue flow test and spillage test if appliance is open flued

  • Check burner gas pressure or heat input against manufacturers data

  • Check all combustion chamber seals for soundness

  • Check stability of appliance and any retaining devices

  • Carry out an efficiency test on the appliance

So avoid wasting those potential unnecessary costs or even inconvenient and expensive call-outs by asking Gas24 to provide a quotation for a gas boiler service. We can help protect the gas boiler and gas central heating system in your home for a very reasonable, competitive fee that really does make sense!

This boiler service and agreement is subject to site inspection.

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