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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Gas 24 install solar panels?

A. Yes. We supply and install solar panel systems used to heat stored water. Note: you must have or be able to create a space for a hotwater cylinder if your intend to run a solar panel heating system.

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Environmental Options

Here at Gas 24 we endeavour to incorporate more environmentally friendly options in our working practices, our suppliers, our products and even in the everyday running of our offices. We know it is important for all industries to play a part in 'the bigger picture' and we strive to offer better choices for our customers.

Being 'green' or environmentally responsible in our industry is particularly important. As we are installers and fitters of heating and hot water systems it is very clear to us that the impact of using old technology and inferior material or parts, we would in effect be promoting the wrong message, one that disregards the need for us as humans to respect what we have and protect what we have left (fossil fuels).

As well as on-going communication with our suppliers and also looking out for new and improving manufacturers, we actively promote the installation and use of better systems and methods. Those include the increasingly popular solar energy options; PV (Photovoltaic) and solar water panels. There are also grant options available from the government and some manufacturers for such installs that are definitely worth looking into for your area.

Gas 24 are installers of solar panels, both domestically and commercially so just get in touch if you have a query or need us to provide a quotation on such an install.


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