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Q. Can a system powerflush and descale really make my old central heating system more effective?

A. Absolutely. Scale and deposits form within the pipework, boiler and radiators over time, especially in hard-water areas like the south east. It's these deposits that build up and eventually block off whole areas of radiators rendering them very inefficient and also more prone to failure.

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Power Flushing & System Descaling
by Gas 24

A powerflush or heating system descale is used to remove sludge, debris and corrosion from central heating systems. Gradually over time these particles build up and can eventually lead to inconsistent and faulty operation of certain parts, even failure. Parts like your appliances (boiler), heating pumps and valves are all affected. Even the pipework internals are affected. Not only does this potentially damage your heating system but can also render it very inefficient. When corrosion and scale builds up on the inside of pipework your boiler has to work far harder to produce the same power output that is required to heat your home or water. This all adds up to increased running costs. By as much as 30% in some cases.

Obviously, not all heating or hot water faults and inefficiencies are caused by scale and corrosion and in these cases a powerflush may not be the answer. Gas24 utilise fully experienced and trained engineers who are likely to identify when and when not a power flush is needed so you don't have to pay for a service that isn't necessarily required.

Important - Prevention is better than a cure

All new gas central heating installs and boiler replacements require a power flush to be performed before connecting the new boiler. If this isn't adhered to, potential sludge, debris, flux and other contaminates could easily damage the new components of the boiler and therefore considerably reduce it's working life and impairing it efficiency.

Powerflush Benefits

The following are some of the problems that could be avoided with a Powerflush as it removes the magnetite sludge and debris from your system:

  • Cold Spots on Radiators

  • Internal Boiler Deposits

  • Heating Pump problems

  • Noisy (clanking) systems

  • Pipe Blockages

  • Internal Corrosion

  • System Blockages

  • Fuel wastage


How long does a power flush take to perform?

A typical power flush using a high quality chemical additive can be completed in approx 3-4 hours (depending on the heating system size).


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