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Gas24 are happy to provide free gas safety advice and installation/repair quotations. Please read our comprehensive gas safety and awareness guide below for further information or contact us if you require a quotation for installation, servicing or repair of any gas central heating system or gas appliance.

Gas Safety in the Home

It is often taken for granted that our gas appliances and systems are correctly working and indeed safe. The only time we often take any notice of these products is when they go wrong and let us down. It is therefore very important to keep these gas appliances maintained and serviced, but more importantly, make sure this work is carried out by a Gas Safe Registered installer.

What are the risks of dangerous gas work?

Dangerous and incompetent gas work can be deadly.  Incorrectly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause the following gas safety risks:

  • Gas leaks

  • Fires

  • Explosions

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Tips on gas safety

Never attempt to repair a gas appliance yourself. Only use a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit, fix or service your gas appliances, including your:

  • Gas boiler

  • Gas fire, gas cooker and gas hob

  • Gas central heating system, it's radiators or hot water system

Always check the engineer's Gas Safe Register ID card.  All Gas Safe registered engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card, with their own unique licence number, showing the type of work they are qualified to do. 

Get your appliances regularly serviced and safety checked every year, or in accordance with your manufacturer's guidelines, by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Your Gas Safe registered engineer will carry out tests and checks to establish your appliances are operating safely.  Where an appliance or pipework has been installed in an unsafe way, or is operating unsafely and the engineer can not rectify the situation immediately, they will follow the guidance outlined in the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GIUSP) to make the installation safe.  This is the industry accepted document for guiding engineers on dealing with unsafe situations. 

Do not block up air vents, even if there is a draught. Look out for stains, soot or discolouration around a gas appliance. There should not be a strange or unusual smell when a gas appliance is on. The flame on a gas appliance should not burn yellow or orange.

If you smell gas.....

  • Do not smoke or light matches

  • Do not turn electrical switches on or off

  • Open doors and windows

  • Turn off the meter at the control valve (unless the smell of gas and the meter are in the cellar, as often this will need a light to be turned on)

  • Call the free 24 hour national gas emergency number 0800 111 999 whether the smell is inside or outside the property.

Fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide is invisible and has no smell or taste and therefore can be difficult to detect. ROSPA report around 200 deaths in the UK each year from CO poisoning in the home.

An alarm will alert you to the presence of the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, produced by unsafe gas appliances.  Make sure you know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you think there might be a gas leak or notice any signs of carbon monoxide, act fast and follow the advice for gas emergencies.

Carbon Monoxide - the six main symptoms of to look out for:

  • Headaches

  • Dizziness 

  • Nausea 

  • Breathlessness 

  • Collapse 

  • Loss of consciousness 

Carbon monoxide symptoms are similar to flu, food poisoning, viral infections and simply tiredness. That's why it's quite common for people to mistake this very dangerous poisoning for something else.

Other signs that could point to carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Your symptoms only occur when you are at home

  • Your symptoms disappear or get better when you leave home and come back when you return 

  • Others in your household are experiencing symptoms (including your pets) and they appear at a similar time 


The Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is the official Great Britain and Isle of Man registration scheme for installers and maintenance engineers dealing with natural gas appliances, which replaces the previous system run by CORGI as of 1 April 2009.

All persons employed to work on gas appliances in the Great Britain and the Isle of Man must be registered with the Gas Safe register in order to work lawfully.

To become certified installers must hold the relevant ACS, NVQ or SVQ qualifications.


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