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Terms and conditions
trading with Gas 24 Ltd

Gas 24 are fully insured for losses to it's customers resulting from faulty work or accidents up to £5,000,000 per incident.

Disclaimers for individual services:

Power flush quotation:

After the power flush has been completed you should notice more heat radiating from your radiators and your system should be more economical.

* For the power flush to be successful there must be a flow of chemical through the system.  Where there could be complete blockages in some pipework or boiler system we may have to cut out and replace the copper tube / parts.  The flush will clean all debris / sludge and contaminated water from the system.  If any of the above were to occur these would be subject to additional costings, however, no additional work will be carried out without your prior consent.  If the boiler is noisy there is no guarantee that a power flush will stop the noise although in most instances it does help.

Boiler quotations:

• If works are completed that you have agreed in writing or verbally, you are agreeing that you have sufficient funds to settle your account without contacting or going through a dept management company or association.
• Please note that whilst carrying out the works if carpet, fixtures and fittings require to be removed this should be carried out by yourself.  If you require our engineer to assist you with this they can do so however, the engineer or Gas 24 Ltd will not be held responsible for any possible damage caused.
• If current regulations are not met i.e. earth bonding further works may be required at an additional cost. It is assumed that the gas run on the existing boiler has suitable working gas pressure (i.e. big enough), if not, further costs will occur.
• If you know there is Asbestos present in your property it is your legal obligation to advise us as soon as possible before work commences so we can have the correct team of people attend your property. If we start works at your property and the engineer comes across suspected Asbestos, we would have to postpone the works until the appropriate Asbestos removal contractor has attended and removed it. Should this be the case, there would be extra costs incurred to you.


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